Hajime Sorayama is a world famous Japanese illustrator, known for his precisely detailed, erotic hand painted portrayals of women and feminine robots. home
Created his first robotic arts in the 1970s and 1980s...  
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Sorayama's art includes artistic nudity for adult viewers only. It is featured in projects including those by Nike, Sony, George Lukas, Aerosmith, Playboy, Penthouse, Marvel Comics, Star Trek and Disney media.  Please visit hajimesorayama.com for all audiences.  Sorayama's Sony Aibo art is in permanent collections of MOMA, Smithsonian Institute Museam; archived on deposit in the USA Library of Congress. Sorayama won many awards including two of the highest national creative awards of Japan. His work is typically a combination of acrylic hand painting and some airbrush. Like Alberto Vargas, Sorayama won the highest achievement in the community of airbrush artistry- the Vargas Award, awarded annually by Airbrush Action Magazine. Wiki Sorayama.

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