空山 基 Hajime Sorayama Official Website: over a quarter century expert and most visited art resource site for fans | authenticity | license advice | sales Artspace Company Y LLC . Sorayama's art includes artistic nudity. It is featured in projects by Nike, Sony, Aerosmith, Playboy, Penthouse, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Lukasfilm LTD book "Star Wars Concept", 2006 HR Giger / Sorayama show, Disney and Samsung media. Please visit hajimesorayama.com for all audiences. Sorayama's Sony Aibo art is in permanent collections of MOMA, Smithsonian Institute Museum; archived on deposit in the USA Library of Congress. Sorayama won many awards including the two highest creative awards of Japan. His work is typically a combination of acrylic hand painting and some airbrush. Like Alberto Vargas, Sorayama won the highest achievement in the community of airbrush artistry - the Vargas Award. Wiki Sorayama. ©sorayama.net / Artspace Company Y LLC / Hajime Sorayama. All Rights Reserved.


■ Book “SEXY ROBOT” / Genko-sha


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